Website Options

Step one: "BASIC" or "enhanced" ?


IF you want to start small then this might be your best choice. We create your site and make it look good.

That’s all.

You can tell your friends, family, and existing customers that you now have a complete website (although it won’t be attracting new customers).

A website without any SEO is just pretty, it isn’t doing anything useful for you.


The “Enhanced” option includes the basics but then we really get to work. We optimize every page on your site and tweak all the settings to get the pages optimized for the major search engines. You work hard for your business and your website should work just as hard. Your site will be found when people search for the keywords that you think apply to your company. Don’t think small, think GLOBAL

website options with enhanced package
SEO attracts new customers

We build your starter site and host it (keeping it on the internet for the world to see).
The cost of building a basic, 3 page site is $75, plus $5/mo (monthly) or $50/yr (paid annually).
We build two different starter sites: restaurants, and OTHER.

Both Types include a Home / Welcome page to give your visitors a clear idea of your type of business. Do you make aircraft parts? Are you a janitorial service? Mention that on your home page.

Both Types also include a CONTACT US page. This is a way for your guests to contact you 24/7  and your page can include any custom options that you want.

Now the differences:


In this type of site, the third page is often a “Menu” page that shows your food menu. This helps your guests decide what they want and call in their order. This can greatly increase profits


With any business other than a restaurant, the third page is often a detailed description of the services offered or products that are sold. This page can include hours of operation or even customer testimonials.