The 3 reasons you need your own website

Why you need a website

need a website


If you’re asking why you need a website, it boils down to 3 reasons.

It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are if nobody knows that you are doing business. In the past, companies made sure they were listed inĀ  the yellow pages to make sure they were found but the habits of your consumers have changed. As a result, you need to have a website AND you need to make sure the major search engines know that you exist. This is called “SEO” and it’s included with every site we build.

Reduce Labor Costs

How often do you get calls or emails asking the same questions? “What our your hours?”, “Do you deliver?”, “can I see your menu online before I call to place my order?”

Each of those calls is a waste of very valuable labor. Imagine all your customers already having the answers to those basic questions so you only take calls that produce income!

Showcased products and Services

Sure you can get a free site on google but that only lets the world know you exist. The free sites don’t let you create individual pages for each of your services or product.

Do you cater? You can have a page dedicated to catering information and photos. That “SEO” applies to each page. Consider each page on your site to be an individual sales person dedicated to that product or service. The free site won’t allow that. It’s useless for attracting new customers.

Your online presence is important. It’s a lot cheaper than you think. Don’t waste money on paid ads, they are ignored! Spend your hard earned money on marketing efforts that get noticed. That includes a high quality website that is optimized to get you noiced on the internet. Click below for the top 5 reasons for having a website.

website options with enhanced package

How does it work?

It's a partnership

We do most of the “heavy lifting” but we need to work together.

Because your site will be tailored specifically to your business, we will ask lots of questions about you, your products and services, and the type of image you want to project to the world.

We will start by creating a site will all the pages that cover your products, services, and even the hours you are open.

Once you are happy with the look and feel of the site, we will then optimize your site to make it work hard for you 24/7. We install monitoring tools so you can see the traffic to your site, where it came from, and how you were found.

why you need a website

What's required of me?

If you don’t own a “” website, we will work with you to buy one. Don’t worry, the name usually starts at $9/year.

Because so much of the marketing is centered around google, we will need you to have an existing google/gmail account. We will work with you to login and allow google to have access to the website so it can install some tracking pieces to know more info about which pages on your site are the most popular, etc.

We will need images.

Lots of images! We will ask for a company logo, if you have one. We need images of your products and/or services.

This is gonna sound strange but we want (almost NEED) images of staff or the key players in your company. People buy from other people so putting a face with the name of a company will greatly increase your odds of success simply by knowing who they are purchasing products or services from. Simple tweaks, but they work well!

The 3 reasons why you need a website (recap)

You need a website to let the search engines (and, your customers) know you are in business, and how to find you.

You need a website to reduce your labor costs. It allows you to answer all the common questions your customers might otherwise call you to ask.

You need a website to give detailed information about the products and services you offer.